Radioactive Rain and the Olympics

There is a story that gave me the chills recently. Well, it’s a personal “chilling” story.

In 1954, the Fukuryu Maru No. 5 was scooped up and became a worldwide topic of conversation. This led the Japanese government to conduct radiation tests and found that a total of 992 tuna boats had been exposed to radiation.

Immediately after that, the radioactive rain that fell on the Japanese archipelago for several years became a topic of conversation, causing panic throughout Japan.

Ten years later, in 1964, the Tokyo Olympics were held.

The public’s consciousness shifted upward and forward, and the issue of radiation exposure was completely forgotten. Perhaps the only thing we remember is the phrase, “If you hit the rain, your head will peel off.

In 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant had an accident and radiation rained down all over Japan. The whole country was in an uproar.

Nine years later, the Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held, but due to the corona problem, it was postponed to 2021, therefore delayed to ten years later.


1954 – (10 years later) – 1964

2011 – (10 years later) – 2021

It was an unexpected problem that brought the two together.


I was horrified by this coincidence that I suddenly realized.

Of course, no one knows what will happen or what will happen after 2021.

But we do know what happened and what has happened since 1964.

I am not saying that it is the same. But in terms of this issue of radiation, I think we need to re-examine.


1954 – (10 years later) – 1964… (66 years later) 2020

2011 – (10 years later) – 2021… (66 years later) 2077

-Year 2077-


When Japanese people living in the future look back on 2011, as we do now, they will think, ” I don’t know about Fukushima nuclear accident. I’ve never even heard of radiation raining down on Japan.”


There is no future if we don’t keep in mind that it’s not “I don’t know, so nothing happened.”

What I can do is not to predict the future, but to examine and make known the facts of what happened in the past.