US TOUR 2023 *5 : Arrived in New York

Departure from Chicago to New York.


I arrived in New York.

I found New York is a big city with a lot of cars and a lot of noise.

We had a meal earlier, but it is difficult to go to a restaurant and eat because the price is extremely high no matter what you eat. Even when we try to buy food at the supermarket, we’re shocked at how expensive it is. It may not be the case for the locals, but it is really expensive if you try to buy it in Japanese yen.










Change Recording Date


I was working on editing yesterday. My computer is out of order and my work is constantly interrupted, and it takes time to get it done. The trailer is almost done. It will be completed with Alec Baldwin’s narration.

We were planning to record the narration tomorrow, but there was an emergency problem with Alec Baldwin, so the recording date was changed to June 2nd. The audio recorded in New York will be brought back to Chicago for editing. The trailer will also be completed at the same time. I will also have a meeting back in Chicago with the people who have helped me with the translation.

Due to the shift in schedule, there is not much time left for editing work after the recording is finished and before the preview in St. Louis. I may have to stay up all night working to make it in time.










First Time Staying in a Hotel


We stayed in the United States for 40-odd days last summer to interview for the film, but this is the first time we have stayed at a hotel because we couldn’t afford it.  We stay at Tomomatsu-san’s house in Chicago and rent an Airbnb for the rest of our stay. This time, we will be recording in Manhattan and we looked for a hotel, even though it’s beyond our budget.

After we left for breakfast, we bought food at the supermarket for our three-night stay in New York. I would like to stay at the hotel for the next few days and concentrate on my work.

I have not yet recovered from jet lag. I haven’t rested at all for the past few years. I think my physical strength is reaching its limit.









A view from the hotel

When you open the window, you can hear the sounds of trains, cars, construction work, police cars, people’s voices…

How noisy!



Hideaki Ito



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