US TOUR 2023 *11 : Dilemma and Next Step

This is from St. Louis. After the preview was over we received an invitation for a meal from the couples we interviewed in the film.


A Dilemma that I Can’t Speak English…

 I can’t speak English, and Tomomatsu-san, who accompanies me, always talks on behalf of me. I can’t understand what’s being said there, so I’m in a pitiful state where I can’t help but just making smile.

Even if I had the opportunity to say hello after the preview, I couldn’t speak well, and I’ve been in a dilemma myself. It takes some time to properly answer the questions asked and when I tried to simplify my talk to explain it in a limited amount of time, I ended up not being able to speak well at all.

What I feel again after coming here is that there is a big difference between being in Japan and talking to Japanese people, and Japanese people coming to America and talking to American people.









The First Step of the Preview, and the Next Step

While interacting with everyone at preview screenings and dinner parties, we came up with the idea of organizing the next step to create a big momentum. First of all, the preview is a big step, but it is very meaningful as a further step that was born in that process. There is great significance in the fact that this is being done by people who live in St. Louis and are involved in the film, and who are involved in this theme.







Schedule From Tomorrow

I couldn’t convey what I’ve been talking about so far when everyone saw it at the preview screening in the United States… I put all my heart into the movie, but when I talk with everyone after the preview, I can’t express myself well and I feel very frustrated.


Tomorrow, we will have a preview at the home of the persons who we interviewed in the film in St. Louis. This will be the last screening in St. Louis. After the preview, we are invited to dinner again.

We’re going to Salt Lake City the day after tomorrow. It takes 6 hours to fly from St. Louis to Salt Lake City, including transfers. When I think about 10 hours flight from Japan to Seattle, I feel that America is such a huge place.

In terms of our activities in the US, I feel like we’re going to accelerate. As with the organization that I talked about earlier, I feel that it will move faster than I thought, including invitations to several film festivals.










The Damage in St. George and Reunion

In Salt Lake City, we plan to go to a place called St. George for a day. St. George is famous for filming Western movies, but it’s also been heavily influenced by iodine. Not only did actor and director John Wayne die, but so did many of the people involved in the filming.

The damage in St. George was so severe that the government acknowledged that there was radiation exposure and paid money to compensate. Residents on the downwind side of the explosion are called downwinder.

There, the lady we interviewed in the film is in a welfare facility for the elderly and we will be able to screen it there. We interviewed her during the heat wave last summer. I am deeply grateful to be able to hold a preview at that facility.

And I’m very happy to see everyone again after a year.

Last year, I had the chance to shoot an interview, and even though I told them that I was going to make a movie, I wasn’t confident in myself, but now that the movie is complete, I was able to fulfil my promise to them. I am very happy that we can meet again. All of them are wonderful people, and I sincerely hope to see them again.









Hideaki Ito



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