US TOUR 2023 *3 : Chicago Day 3, The Problem with Subtitiles

Chicago Day 3

Today is my third day in Chicago. It’s cold at night, but the temperature rises considerably when the sun comes out during the day. The weather is fine daily, and I can spend my time in short sleeves. I feel tired from jet lag and want to recover quickly.

We’re staying at Tomomatsu-san’s house. I assembled the editing equipment and connected it to the 80-inch monitor at her house, and the environment for editing was ready. Once the narration is recorded in New York, I’m going to insert the English version of the narration here.






The Problem with Subtitles

At the preview at the Japan National Press Club on March 31st in Tokyo, the venue was spacious and the screen was on the upper side of the wall, and the audience could see it from a distance without any problems. However, at the preview screening in Ochanomizu the next day and in Ehime on May 21st, the seats were spread out in a flat and small space, so the heads of the audience overlapped and the audience had the problem of not being able to see the subtitles. So I decided to move the subtitles to the right on the screen. I am working on it now.

One more thing, I’m thinking of starting to make a trailer and thinking about the composition before editing. I will be moving to New York on the 30th. There isn’t much time between the end of the narration recording in New York and the beginning of the preview screening in the United States, so I have to do as much as possible while I’m at it.







The Cost of Screening

As for the cost of screenings, in the United States, screenings are free of charge, and money is received through a donation system.

In Japan, there is no donation culture, so I thought it would be a fee for the screening at first, but I would like as many people as possible to watch the film, so in the same way in Japan, the screening itself is free. , I decided to do it with a donation system.






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