US TOUR 2023 *17 : The Screening in St. George

It took us five hours by car to get to St. George, where the screening was held.



The intense damage in St. George

St. George is reputed to have endured the most extensive damage from the Nevada nuclear test. It is situated approximately 100 kilometres east of the Nevada nuclear test site, in a direct downwind path. Radiation, particularly iodine-137, had a direct impact, resulting in exceedingly high recorded doses.

St. George also served as a filming location for Western movies. Notably, John Wayne passed away after filming there, and it’s believed that nearly half of the individuals involved in the production met premature deaths. In the immediate vicinity, thousands of sheep perished shortly after the nuclear test. In the early 1950s, President Kennedy brought up this issue in Congress. Despite the denial of responsibility by those conducting the nuclear test, it’s impossible to overlook the simultaneous deaths of thousands of sheep and the significant damage, including the birth of deformed lambs.







Joyful Reunion and The Preview

A preview took place at the nursing home where one of the downwinders resides. The two women we interviewed last year, along with their families and individuals from the welfare facility, gathered at the venue to watch the film. Although the turnout was modest, it was an incredibly meaningful preview. Once it concluded, tears welled up, and they exclaimed, “This is a profoundly meaningful movie,” sparking an ongoing conversation.

I was thrilled to reconnect with them and experience some heartwarming moments. It was a truly memorable time. Once again, I became convinced of the necessity to share these facts with all the people in the United States.









We drove five hours back to Salt Lake City.



Hideaki Ito



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