US TOUR 2023 *9 : The First Preview Begins / Why in US?

The first American premiere has begun in St. Louis.


Response To The Preview Screening In America

I am deeply moved by the fact that the preview screenings in St. Louis and Salt Lake City are the first step toward screening in the United States. It’s a very meaningful and important preview for the people who appeared in the film and their families to watch it.

Everyone was seriously watching the movie from the beginning to the end, and there was a strong reaction that you cannot expect in Japan. Questions flew immediately after watching. I also received a lot of advice and suggestions. They all seemed to be shocked and surprised by the fact. I feel that every one of them was taking this issue as their own.

While feeling that kind of response, I’m still searching for a specific way to spread it.

By coming to the United States this time and holding previews, I have been approached by various people, and we are talking about screenings and film festivals. With that as a starting point, I would like to spread this fact to as many people as possible.







Why I Take Up The Radioactivity Problem in the United States?

This documentary on the issue of radioactivity is the third in the series, “SILENT FALLOUT”, following the two series “EXPOSURE TO RADIATION POST-X YEARS” set in Japan.

I was researching problems that happened in Japan at first, but as I got deeper into it, I realized that this was a problem not only in Japan but worldwide. Also, I have continued to feel that there is a limit to tackling this problem only in Japan.

America is the country that started nuclear development and nuclear testing. And as this movie takes up, there are also past events where the actions of citizens moved the president.

I decided to set the stage in America this time to get more people around the world interested.









What’s the Reaction in Japan So Far?

I don’t think this movie will attract much interest in Japan. In fact, compared to the previous two works, it has hardly been covered in the media, although the Tokyo Shimbun finally wrote about it recently. Few people even know that the movie was made. I have to do my best to spread the word but I am a little worried about whether people will be able to think about it as their matter.





The preview in Japan

The press centre preview at the Japan National Press Club

5/6/2023 Posted in the Tokyo Shimbun



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