US TOUR 2023 *8 : After Recording and The Trailar

We recorded Alec Bauduin’s narration in a studio in New York on June 2nd.
It went great.

After the recording, the flight was delayed, and we finally arrived in Chicago at around 1:00 am.

I have been working hard on editing to make it in time for the preview, and the trailer was finally completed. An English version of the trailer with narration by Alec Baldwin has also been completed.








Professor Emeritus Norma Field of the University of Chicago, who translated the film, and Mr Miyamoto, a nuclear expert, came to the house of  Tomomatsu-san to check the preview and made further corrections there. I’ve been editing until the last minute since I came here to St. Louis, to make it in time for the preview that starts tomorrow.

There will be six screenings in St. Louis. The people I interviewed this time have gathered people for the preview, and it seems that some events are over capacity.


It’s been about 5 years since I came to New York, and there were a lot of people I wanted to meet, but this time I didn’t see anyone and shut myself up in the hotel to concentrate on recording the narration.

Even when I went outside from time to time, the noise and the bad air were painful. The sense of speed in New York didn’t suit me, so I mostly shut myself up in my hotel room.







This is the trailer I just finished editing.


Hideaki Ito



Fallout project