US TOUR 2023 *16 : From Salt Lake City / Original Bags

Today is a blank day after moving. We arrived at a hotel in Salt Lake around 3:00 this morning and got some sleep. After waking up,  we rented a car and went to Costco and Target to buy food for our 4-night stay.

Tomorrow we will leave at 6:30 and drive to St. George in about 5 hours. The damage in St. George was devastating. When we interviewed her in St. George last year, she told me that all her family, friends and relatives had died.

Both of the ladies we interviewed have been involved in the movement to complain about the damage since that time. We will have a preview at the nursing home where one of them stays. The other lady was not feeling well, but I was informed that she would be able to come. I am very excited that they will be able to see the film and that we will meet again.


今日は移動の後のブランク日にしています。 今日の午前3時ごろにソルトレイクの宿について少し睡眠をとってから、レンタカーを借りて、滞在4泊分の食料をコストコやターゲットなどに買いに行きました。




The Original bags made with people’s cooperation

This is the bag that Thomas made.

“I GAVE MY TOOTH TO SCIENCE” is also the theme of this movie.

This is the logo of the Baby Tooth Survey, which was created in St. Louis in the 1950s and 1960s by women to prove that children were contaminated with radiation.

They made batches with this logo at the time and gave them out to children who donated baby teeth. Some people still treasure that batch. We interviewed the daughter of the woman who designed this logo. When we told her that we would use the logo to make a bag, she was very happy and she permitted us to use the logo.

In addition, Eric, who is the son of a woman who was a doctor who played a central role in the Baby Teeth Project, also worked in Denmark. A designer acquainted with Eric kindly touched up the original logo so that we could use this design. All of this cooperation is volunteer work. This bag is given to those who cooperated this time.



「I GAVE MY TOOTH TO SCIENCE」今回の映画のテーマにもなっています。



We have another cloth bag.

The delivery was much later than planned but we managed to give them to people that we interviewed for the movie in St. Louis. We brought them to Salt Lake City, and we will bring a box of them back to Japan. I am wondering how to give this bag to people in Japan.

Above all, the logo design of the Baby Teeth Project, which has been revived for the first time in 60 years, on this bag has a meaning.







Thinking about going to St. George tomorrow and seeing the people we interviewed last year again, and they will be able to see the film, I feel that I’ve been moving forward.

The other day, I asked one of the people we interviewed, “Did you think the movie would be completed?” She said, “I was convinced that you could complete a movie.” I was very happy to hear that, and once again I feel a sense of responsibility.






Hideaki Ito



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