Dear Media, Journalists, Researchers, and Activists,

More than 100 atmospheric nuclear tests were conducted in the Pacific Ocean in order to create nuclear weapons. There were also about 100 atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the United States. These tests rained radiation all over the continental United States. However, most Americans do not know this.

In 2004, I learned that a total of 10,000 Japanese tuna fishing boats were exposed to radiation from nuclear tests conducted by the United States and the United Kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. A total of 200,000 crew members who were on board were affected. This was because the nuclear test site was in the middle of tuna fishing grounds. Later, as I pursued this fact, I learned that not only were the Japanese tuna fishermen exposed to radiation, but also that the radioactive material from the nuclear tests was carried by the wind over the continental United States where it then fell.

I have produced two films that have been shown in 300 locations in Japan and abroad. And this year, ten years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, I decided to make a third film to show the American people that the continental United States, too, is contaminated with radiation. We have decided to start screening the film in the U.S. next spring.

I wanted people to know that the health of the American people was put at risk in order to obtain nuclear weapons, and that the U.S. government knew about this from the beginning, but did not inform the people.

This year marks the 18th year that I have been pursuing this case. I have just completed a manga about how I came across the incident and how I uncovered the facts. The artist is the son of a tuna fisherman who was exposed to radiation and died of cancer at the age of 45.

Prior to the screening of the film in the U.S. next spring, I would like to give away free copies of the manga EXPROSURE TO RADIATION* POST-X YEARS to journalists, researchers, and activists. Please contact me using the form below.