US TOUR 2023 *15 : Department of Energy Facilitiy

We went to the US Department of Energy facility.

Since we had some time between checking out of Airbnb in St. Louis and boarding the plane, we decided to visit the US Department of Energy’s related facility that a local person told us about.

St. Louis has long been an industrial area, refining uranium for several years before the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The refined uranium was sent to Hanford where it was made into plutonium and used, for example, as material for the world’s first atomic bomb test, Trinity, in 1945.






The facility we went to today was built by reclaiming waste from such a factory. It was like a tourist facility, and it was a place to display history.

They were also making other bombs in St. Louis, so they were processing that waste as well.  Rather than burying it in the ground and making the ground flat, it is in a state like an ancient burial mound like a small mountain. As far as I could see in the exhibition hall, they were drilling quite deep to check if there was any underground water flow, and they were also confirming the flow of groundwater. Various layers of soil are piled up there, and the waste is buried between the layers of soil like a sandwich. Layers of soil and waste are piled up, and on top is a fairly thick stone of a reasonable size. Overall, it was quite high, and it was possible to climb up.

I heard from the locals that not only the fallout from the nuclear test but also the fact that there were such facilities, caused a great deal of damage due to various radioactive contamination. There are facilities like this not only in St. Louis but also in various parts of the United States, and they have caused significant damage in multiple places. There are many uranium mines in the United States, and many people have died there.









Let’s go to Salt Lake City.

From East to West


We left St. Louis and arrived in Salt Lake City. We arrived at the inn in Salt Lake City at 3:00 a.m. due to a significant flight delay in Dallas.

I’m very tired…

We will leave early in the morning tomorrow and go to St. George for the preview.







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